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Toccata Braille Music Translation Software

Pentronics ABN 35 425 215 249

Adaptive Technology Sales, Service & Support

Pentronics LogoPentronics Logo

Toccata Braille music translation software provides a complete solution to the conversion of printed sheet music to Braille music. Toccata incorporates;

¨ Music scanning and recognition software

¨ Integral notation editor

¨ Inbuilt sequencing capability that allows playback of up to 16 simultaneous voices

¨ Translation to a variety of pre defined Braille music formats. Each format can be customised to the users requirements.

¨ A Braille music editor which displays the translated music as Braille dots and can be edited using a ‘six key’ mode on the pc keyboard. The Braille music is indexed to the notation editor which means that wherever the cursor is placed in either the Braille music editor or the notation editor, both editors display the same measure of music.

Screen Shot of Toccata showing an example of music translated to braille

Existing Toccata Users

Download and install the demonstration program to upgrade Toccata to Version 1.2.6. The demonstration version will operate in fully licensed mode when the protection key is attached to the PC.


XP and Vista Users

If you have upgraded you computer to XP or Vista you will need to download the update protection key drivers.  Download Hasp Drivers (5Mb)



To scan and recognise music The SharpEye music recognition program is required. A licensed copy of SharpEye is included with the Purchase of Toccata.