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PictureBraille provides an easy solution for the production of tactile graphics on a Braille embosser.  Printed images can be scanned from an existing print source, imported from common Windows graphic file formats, such as bitmap, gif and jpeg, or pasted from any drawing program. 

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Adaptive Technology Sales, Service & Support

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Images are automatically converted to a Braille dot format and editing tools are provided to allow modification or the addition of labelling or notations.

Completed graphics can be embossed directly on an embosser connected to the computer or saved in a format compatible with the Duxbury Braille translator.

PictureBraille now includes automatic graph and equation plotting tools. Just enter the data or type the equation and the result is drawn for you. (see the Graph and Equation Plotting tutorial below)


Download a demonstration copy of PictureBraille

Graph and Equation Plotting Tutorial (Word document)




The cost of PictureBraille is AU$650.00.

An Activation License for PictureBraille can be purchased on line by clicking the Buy button below. Before purchasing we recommend downloading and installing the software to be sure it is compatible with your computer/embosser and suitable for your purposes. The License will activate one copy of PictureBraille only on the computer it was Registered from. The License is not transferable to another computer. A refund cannot be issued after an Activation code has been provided.


To Purchase PictureBraille.

1. Download and install the PictureBraille software.— PictureBraille

2. Click the Buy Now button below to make a secure credit card or PayPal payment.


(Login to your existing PayPal account or click Continue to pay by credit card)

3. Run the PictureBraille program and select Register PictureBraille from the Help menu. Complete the Registration process.

4. Email the Registration details and the payment Receipt ID to support@pentronics.com.au.

5. Pentronics will email the Activation code to License your copy of PictureBraille

For further details or alternate purchase methods, please contact Pentronics at support@pentronics.com.au

If your Braille embosser is compatible with the generic Versapoint ™ graphic code you can download and emboss a selection of Braille graphics created by PictureBraille. Compatible embossers include the Versapoint™, the Index Everest™, Index Basic™  and embossers from Enabling Technologies.

These graphics can be embossed on an embosser connected directly to the parallel port of your computer with the free VIMPrint™ utility, or copied to your embosser from a DOS window.

Free Braille Graphics

Free Braille Gaphics

Images of tactile graphics of Maps of the USA

Maps of the United States         Download



Images of tactile graphics of Maps of Australia

Maps of Australia           Download

Images of christmas tactile graphics

Christmas          Download

Images of maths tactile graphics

Maths                 Download

Images of tactile graphics of insects

Insects                Download

Transport                       Download

Images of tactile graphics of modes of transport

If you are looking for a specific braille graphic or if your embosser is not compatible with the above graphics, please contact us and let us know what you require.

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Paper presented at the 4th General assembly of the International Council of English Braille entitled ‘Considerations for Embosser produced Tactile Graphics’

Download Word document

Download Duxbury braille file