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Celebrating 30 Years of service to adaptive technologies

Phone: +61 2 4735 7355


Everest-D V5 suites a wide range of users, from personal use to heavy braille production. For decades Everest-D has been the most sold single sheet-fed braille embosser on the market.

With the flexibility of the adjustable sheet-feeder and user defined paper, Everest-D can emboss almost any type of braille on paper, business cards, labels or thin plastic. Its unique sheet-feeder provides stability on cut-sheet paper.

Contact us to discuss your braille production requirements.

Everest-D V5

Flexibility on cut-sheet paper



 400 pages/hour

 High resolution tactile graphics

 Booklet printing

 USB & Wi-Fi connectivity

 Emboss from portable devices

 Emboss from USB memory

 Inbuilt braille translation

 Directly emboss doc docx pdf & txt files